Poppin STORM Kettle Kit

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The Poppin STORM Kettle kit includes a black powder coated Poppin STORM Kettle and base with a separate anti-tilt pan support, two piece grill, saucepan, frying-pan and universal handle grip.  It also includes a jute STORM Carry Bag.

The Poppin STORM Kettle is just 28cm tall by 14cm dia and holds a generous 850ml of water. This is more than enough for two big mugs of tea. It also weighs in at only 0.5kg empty, so it’s also lighter to carry than its big brothers.


  • Cap 850ml
  • Height 30cm
  • Weight 570g

**Please Note: Never heat your STORM kettle without water in it

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Weight 1.45 kg
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Made in UK

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