Pollinating Bee Log

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Solitary bees are valuable non-aggressive and non-swarming bees that provide a magnificent service, pollinating the flowers in our gardens.

These bees seek out cavities in which to lay their eggs. They do not work as a communal swarm and each female is independent of each other. This means that they do not swarm to protect the nest and this is why the bees are very safe to encourage in the garden where children and pets may be present.

This Pollinating Log is made from an air dried natural FSC timber log with natural bark which gives good insulation to the developing larvae inside the tubes and means you do not need to move the log indoors during winter. Being a natural product the appearance may vary. All the tubes are natural drilled canes which are durable and will be used year after year.

The pollinating bee log should be hung on a wall, fence or on a tree using it’s natural sea grass hanging rope. The ideal hanging height is between ground level and 1.5m metres. Try to hang the log against a firm upright to prevent it swinging in mid-air. Choose a sunny position which preferably gets some morning sun. THE HANGING ROPE MATERIAL MAY VARY

  • Dimensions: H. 160mm W. 190mm D. 160mm
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • This product is produced by Wildlife World

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