Outdoor Maths Colossal Collection

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A massive set of resources for use outdoors.  A range of different weights and materials make these resources very physical.  Most pieces are made from natural materials that inherently invite close investigation.  Each item has been chosen for it’s particular focus on encouraging interaction with maths.

The set consists of over 150 items including measuring and construction poles for making 2D and 3D shapes, seats and stepping logs for counting and exploring odds and evens.  Stacking and round fractions, pebbles and cobbles for size, weight and patterns.  Number and maths planks, chalks, scales, buckets and different sized tubs.


Collection includes the following items

  • Stacking crates
  • Assorted wooden poles
  • Playground chalks
  • Clear buckets
  • String
  • Scales
  • Cobbles and pebbles
  • Pine cones
  • Fractions plank and disc set
  • Stacking fractions set
  • Number trail 0-20
  • Maths planks
  • Counting planks
  • Rope measuring set
  • Balance poles
  • Skittles x 20
  • Stepping boards 1-10
  • Stepping rounds
  • Assorted chalkboards
  • Assorted mushroom seats
  • Number seats 1-10
  • Acrylic pens and chalk pens
  • Baskets
  • Tubs