50L Pump Hand Washing System

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We are excited to announce the new Muddy Faces Hand washing range developed to support schools and nurseries to deal with current and future requirements.

The Pump Hand Washing system is part of the new Muddy Faces hand washing range designed to help you maximise the use of your outdoor space.

This pump Station has a massive 50l  tank that requires no connection to the mains and the easy-use foot pump system allows you to wash your hands, with no hand contact and therefore little opportunity for cross contamination.  The unique pump system has been designed to make the flow of the water just right for hand washing and reducing unnecessary water consumption. The unique pump design requires little foot pressure making it ideal for children and people with limited physical strength.

  • Portable and versatile place it where you need it
  • Requires no mains water.
  • No contact tap reducing cross contamination
  • Flow limiter reduces water consumption
  • The large 50l capacity tank requires minimal refilling
  • Large opening for easy refilling
  • Fully detachable parts make it easy to clean and maintain
  • Wooden bench has radius edges
  • Timber treated for the outdoors
  • Environmentally and child-safe wood treatment
  • Available in two heights 60cm or 80cm
  • Made in UK

Bench – The robust wooden benches are available in 2 heights. 60cm suitable for younger children and 80cm, for older children and adults. Please make your selection from the drop down box.

Sink – The waste water is collected in the stainless steel sink and stored in a portable, wastewater can stored to the side or underneath.

  • Stainless steel sink does not rust and is easily maintained
  • 2 waste water cans allows the system to stay continuously in use
  • Made in the UK

Cover – The hand washing station is supplied with a waterproof cover to protect it when not in use please note this cover is to help keep it clean when not in use and is not a thermal cover for the tank.  Thermal tank jacket, to help keep water warm, is available as an optional extra (choose from drop down box)

The hand washing station has fully detachable parts make it easy to clean and maintain and is made in the UK

To make a more comfortable hand wash fill the tank with warm water.  The tanks large capacity aids heat retention.  A thermal jacket is available as an optional extra (choose from drop down box) which can help keep the water warmer for even longer.  The water temperature must be below 70 degrees.  Boiling water should never be used.  Always check the water temperature before use.


  • 50L tank
  • Dimensions of sink
    • Sink width 32cm
    • Sink length 26cm
  • Pump hand wash station 60
    • Height of sink 60cm
    • Bench H60cm x W43cm x L60cm
  • Pump hand wash station 80
    • Height of sink 60cm
    • Bench H80cm x W43cm x L60cm

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Weight 35 kg

60cm, 80cm



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Made in UK

Helping to support UK industry and to reduce our carbon footprint.