35L Gravity Hand Washing System and Sink

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We are excited to announce the new Muddy Faces Hand Washing range developed to support schools and nurseries to deal with current and future requirements

This large capacity gravity system and sink is designed to help maximise the use of your outdoor space and increase your hand washing provision.  Available in 2 heights – choose from the drop down box.

The tank needs to be placed on a strong, level, stable surface with the tap hanging over the edge. Place the sink directly under the tap. The waste water is collected in the stainless steel sink and stored in a portable, waste water container underneath.  The Gravity System and Sink comes with 2 waste water containers allowing the system to stay in use as one is emptied.

Tank and tap

  • The large 35l capacity tank provides approx 170 ten second washes
  • Easy to use, minimal-contact tap, reduces cross-contamination
  • Portable and versatile – place it where you need it
  • Requires no mains water
  • SaveAqua tap reduces water consumption
  • Low profile tank lowers centre of gravity, increasing stability
  • Large opening for easy refilling
  • Tank can be refilled and waste emptied whilst in use
  • Fully detachable parts make it easy to clean and maintain
  • Thermal Jacket available as an optional extra (choose from drop down box)
  • Made in the UK


  • Stainless steel sink does not rust and is easily maintained
  • The sink stand is made from treated timber suitable for the outdoors
  • 2 waste water cans allows the system to stay continuously in use a
  • Made in the UK

The Gravity System enables you to wash your hands outdoors,  without mains connection using a large capacity 35l tank.  The unique SaveAqua tap, which is  exclusive to Muddy Faces, is a self closing tap that cleverly functions by pressing the back of your hand up against the tap.  This allows you to wash your hands as the water flows over them.  The water automatically stops when your hand is removed reducing water consumption.  The low-contact, innovative design makes the Gravity Hand-wash System ideal for young children and for anyone requiring a simple, low maintenance hand washing system.

The stainless steel sink is set into a timber stand and is removable allowing for effective cleaning and maintenance. The wood is treated to allow for full outdoor use. The treatment is environmentally and child friendly.

The tank can be filled with warm water and the large capacity aids heat retention. The water temperature must be below 70 degrees.  Boiling water should never be used.  Always check the water temperature before use.


  • 35L tank and SaveAqua tap
  • Dimensions of tank
    • Overall Length 73cm – tap hangs down approx 7cm below bottom of tank
    • Tank size
    • H24cm x W 24cm x L 60cm
    • Requires a stable level surface approx 10cm higher than the height you want the hand washing to be.
    • Capacity 35l equivalent to approx 170 ten second washes
  • Dimensions of sink
    • Available in 2 heights 40cm or 60cm – choose from the drop down box
    • Sink width 32cm
    • Sink length 26cm

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