Natural Materials Counting Set

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A vibrant set of natural materials that encourage a fun exploration into basic numbers and counting.  Explore numbers with double sided number bugs, pebble frogs on a log, number planks, stepping boards and trails.


Set includes the following items

  • Playground chalks
  • String
  • Bamboo pots
  • Bamboo rings
  • Pine cones
  • Number trail 0-10
  • Counting dots
  • Maths Plank
  • Animal counting set
  • Drilled discs
  • Rustic stand and chalkboard
  • Dinosaur footprint number trail 1-10
  • Double sided number bugs
  • Cobbles
  • Acrylic pens and felt tip pens
  • Calico clothes set and mini washing line
  • Assorted baskets
  • Counting rope
  • Speckled frog set