Large Eco-Loo Compost Toilet

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**Please note that they are built to order and delivered within 8 weeks.**

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These compost toilets come complete, delivered to you on a pallet, ready to unload and use.

**Please note that they are built to order and delivered within 8 weeks.**

The toilet is user friendly,  waterless composting toilet that is ideal for use in your outdoor space.  It does not use water to take the waste somewhere else.  It also allows natural processes to produce natural compost that can be used on your garden.

Our composting toilets are known as ‘urine separating composting toilets’. So everyone sits down to use them, boys and girls. This enables the separation of liquid waste from solid waste. This stops all the nasty smells associated with composting toilets and they really do work. Its a simple design. Under the seat is a large container, into which you sprinkle a large scoop of sawdust, then it’s ready to use. When the container is full, you simple remove the lid off of the toilet, lift out the container and replace with a new one. The full container is then put in a corner somewhere to allow it to decompose.

No steps to climb, no huge bins to empty – just easy access, easy maintenance units


  • Dimensions :  1200mm(w) x 1200mm(d) x 2150mm(h)
  • 750mm door width

The compost toilet has as standard:

  • Timber cubicle made from quality FSC redwood tongue and groove timber, treated with a preservative to the exterior
  • The urine separating toilet seat built into a timber framed box
  • The pipework already installed for the liquid waste and collection container
  • Recycled black non slip rubber flooring.
  • Laminated instruction sheets
  • A battery operated LED light
  • A sliding bolt lock
  • A sawdust bin and scoop
  • And even a toilet roll holder and coat hook


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Made in UK

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