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The Frontier stove is a portable wood burner that has been designed to use in the outdoors.  It is ideal to use instead of a barbecue or open fire.  Any type of solid fuel can be used.

Classically styled, the Frontier also packs down neatly after use, and can be carried by hand using its very own carrying handle. This lightweight portability ensures that the Frontier is the ultimate cooking facility for any outdoor scenario.

The 60mm diameter flue can be stored inside the stove after use, for convenience. This cunning design feature means you never lose anything and your Frontier is always packed ready for the next adventure.

It is recommended to only burn well-seasoned, dry timber as this will give you the most efficiency and greatest heat output.  If you do find yourself burning green unseasoned timber and you are finding it difficult to keep the stove operating (for example running poorly and producing little heat) you may experience some restriction in draw as your flue starts to build up an internal layer of ash. This is a common pitfall when first experimenting with solid fuel cooking.

The technical stuff!

With its contained firebox, the Frontier Stove is 10 times more efficient than an open fire. This means that you need less fuel for the same heat output and cooking temperatures.  It’s also good news for the environment: burning less fuel means a huge reduction in harmful emissions that can damage the ozone.

The unique Controlled Open Flame Technology (C.O.F.T.) means that you can harness the power of your fuel and channel it into cooking a meal! You can choose to either cook on the hot plate for a more measured heat, or remove the top plate and cook directly on the flames.

Packed up, it only measures length. 450mm x d.200mm x w.250mm. and assembly takes a matter of minutes.

Extra flue sections are available by request.

A carry bag for the stove is also available for £15.00 ex VAT – please indicate on the drop down box.

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Weight 12.00 kg
Dimensions 2410 × 300 × 500 cm