Fractions Plank and Disc Set

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This set includes wholes, halves, thirds, quarters and eighths fractions engraved on a plank and onto chunky wooden discs that are cut in fraction pieces.


  • Fraction plank length – 1m
  • Fractions dia 16-18cm
  • Fractions discs include – 1 whole, 2 halves, 3 thirds, 4 quarters, 8 eighths
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Made in UK

Helping to support UK industry and to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Grown in UK

All our natural wood products are handmade from materials sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in the UK. Supporting local crafts people, woodland viability and biodiversity.

Each piece of wood is in its natural form and often with its bark on. Every piece has its own unique character with bends, knots, flaky bark, different colours and growth rings. A fascinating and absorbing material.

Natural wood will be affected by its environment. It is best stored in a cool well ventilated area protected from damp and heat, to prevent any mould growth or cracking.