Forest School Starter Set

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This Forest School starter kit has a great balance of tools and equipment to get your forest school project going.

The kit contains

  • 1x Bowsaw (perfect for bigger cutting such as logs and branches)
  • 1 x Hacksaw (this saw is great for more intricate cuts)
  • 1 x Small loppers (great size for children to use when clearing small branches and brambles)
  • 6 x Peelers (sturdy peelers)
  • 1 x Camouflage Tarpaulin (making a shelter to protect from the elements or for den building)
  • 1 x High Vis Rope 30m (when you need to see rope at head or trip height this rope stands out from the natural environment. Ideal for rope trails and shelter construction)
  • 1 x Large reel of natural cotton string ( the essential kit for being out in a natural environment leaf mobiles, picture frames, dream catchers, fairy houses)
  • 6 pairs of children’s protective gloves ( these are ideal to protect from nettles and grass cuts when clearing your site and to use on your none sawing hand when working with saws.)
  • Muddyfaces Cotton Sack (keep everything together also is great for collecting kindling for the lovely fire after all the clearing and cutting has been done.)

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