Green Round Shelter – 7.5m Dia

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Made In UK


A large round/16 sided group olive green shelter.  Made from a tough, yet soft feel, non-rustle, 100% waterproof material that is also fire retardant.  Complete with a bag to store the shelter in.

Designed by Muddy Faces and made in the UK.


It is recommended:

  • This shelter has a very large sail area and is not to be used in gusty and strong wind conditions.  Shelters 4m+ create large sail areas and care must be taken when using and handling these shelters in any wind conditions.
  • The shelter is not designed to be a semi permanent shelter or to left up unattended.  Leaving a shelter up unattended, even in calm conditions, means that unseen damage can occur and over time this significantly reduces the longevity of the shelter.  It could lead to your shelter failing.
  • Take your shelter down when not in use.
  • Although the material is waterproof, the seams have not been taped and water can ingress and cause water drip inside.  When hanging up the shelter, you need to ensure that water does not pool near any seams and that the shelter is taut so that water can run down and away from the seams.

Please note that this shelter does not come with ropes and fixings.

Unique features include:

  • Made from fire retardant fabric that is also 100% waterproof
  • 16 strong fixings around the outside
  • Reinforced edging
  • A webbing strap which creates a reinforced band across the full diameter, giving strength to the central lifting loop. This strap also allows the shelter to be set up into a taco shell shape with a central ridge; this is particularly useful if you are struggling to find an appropriate single high point to tie the centre up to. You can also connect a couple of the fixings on the circumference together to create a more conical shelter shape
  • A strong and versatile shelter

Made in the UK

Colour:  Olive Green

Dimensions: 7.5m diameter

Weight: 4.44kg


  • 16 Military grade D loops attached to reinforced triangular gussets by 25mm webbing, equally spaced around the circumference
  • Double folded on the seams to prevent water penetration
  • 25mm webbing strengthening band across the full diameter through the centre with fixing loops on circumference
  • Central webbing lifting loop
  • Reinforced edging – all seams have been overlocked and double stitched
  • Made from woven nylon with a double PU coating that is fire retardant and waterproof
  • 100% Waterproof.  Hydrostatic  head = 1000mm  (Hydrostatic head is a fabric’s resistance to water pressure equivalent to a column height of water)
  • Made in UK

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Weight 4.66 kg
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Made in UK

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