Fire Box – Double

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Made In UK


Please note that the lid and grill are not included. They are available to buy on the website separately – see below.

This fire box has been designed for dutch ovens, campfire cooking, fires and barbecues.  Made in the UK from 1.5mm high grade steel plate, the fire box has detachable legs which allow you to elevate the fire box approx 20cm (8 inches) off the ground.  This will prevent the ground scorching.

The box is painted with a matt black paint which will burn off to reveal the steel underneath. Over time the box will gain a rusty patina which will not detract from the quality of the product.


  • Dimensions: L 68cm x W 35cm x H 10cm
  • Height of box with legs folded out is 20cm
  • Made in the UK

If you wish to purchase the grill – product code FSFIR30.  This fits both the small and large fire box.  Please note that only one grill fits onto the large fire box – 2 grills will overlap.  The lid for the double fire box is FSFIR35.

*Please note that fire pits generate a lot of heat and may affect the ground underneath.

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Made in UK

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