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Using a bow drill is an advanced fire lighting technique that requires practice. This Bow Drill kit is designed and made by Woodcraft Survival Crafts, a company that provides bushcraft courses.  If you wish to purchase an instructions guide on how to use the bow drill, choose the option from the drop down box.

The bow drill and all it’s component parts are hand made.  Made from wood and it is in it’s natural form, sometimes it still has it’s bark on.  Each piece has it’s own unique character with bends, knots, flaky bark and different colours.  Although edges have been sanded, they can still sometimes be rough to touch.

The materials used in these kits are the result of many years of bushcraft fire lighting experience. ‘Choosing and preparing the correct woods and materials for the most effective bow drill fire lighting experience, takes some time to master’ says Dave Watson of Woodcraft Survival Crafts)


  • Kit includes a Bow, Drill, Base board, Double Bearing Block.
  • Base is made from lime, drill and bow is made from hazel and bearing block is made from holly

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