Block and Tackle Pulley Kit

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Experiment with strength and weights. The pulley is an ancient tool for lifting or moving heavy objects, with surprising ease. Discover the many uses of the pulley and how it really works. Perfect for tree houses (hoisting building materials or supplies). Details of many more projects and uses are described in the fascinating information booklet included.

The guideline is 10yrs upwards but it can be used with younger children with support for set up.

This kit includes

  • 20m hemp string
  • 4 wood sections 14.8cm long
  • 4 wood sections 10cm long
  • 8 pegs 1 x 3cm
  • 2 wheels 4cm dia
  • 2 wheels 5cm dia
  • 4 bolts and 4 wing nuts


Additional information

Weight .39 kg

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