A Year of Forest School: Outdoor Play and Skill-building Fun for Every Season By Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton


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Rain or shine, this book will get kids playing outside, developing new skills and discovering the wonder of nature across the year! Written for parents, teachers and anyone else who wants to try out Forest School activities, and also as a handy resource for Forest School leaders, it follows on from the bestselling Play the Forest School Way, with brand-new games and survival skills that connect with the natural cycle of the year. For each season, there’s also a special day out – a multi-activity session that’s great for parties, school breaks or simply a fun day in nature.

  • In spring, forage fresh nettle tips for soup, make a mud cake to celebrate Earth Day and weave cordage from young brambles.
  • In summer, gather blackberries and feathers to make ink and quill pens, craft masks from shed bark and build a fire to cook a fruit crumble.
  • In autumn, create a rainbow from fallen leaves, then make a den and shelter inside while you weave a tale around painted story stones.
  • In winter, navigate the landscape with a compass, carve elves from sticks and mull apple juice with festive spices over an open fire.

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