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Muddy Faces is all about getting outdoors with your groups, families and friends. Imparting a respect and admiration for flora and fauna and the natural world benefits our children, us, and the planet. From pond dipping and mini beast hunts to in-the-field science projects and environmental studies, to be outside while you’re learning makes it so much more real and beneficial.

We have compiled a list of interesting & inspiring websites on sustainability, nature & conservation, including the main governing bodies, national organisations and initiatives – many are directly related to working & playing outdoors, some have a wider remit or are included because we think they may be helpful to know about.

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We do our best to keep these links up to date. If you find any broken or outdated links or have something you think should be added, please email share@muddyfaces.co.uk with ‘links’ in the subject line. Thank you.

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Ableize: countryside

Resource and website list for wheelchair access to the countryside.

Ableize logo

ACE Accessible Countryside for Everyone 

Finding accessible places for all to enjoy in England and Wales.

ACE logo

BEN Black Environment Network

Works to enable full ethnic participation in the built and natural environment.

BEN logo

Birding For All

Seeking to improve access for people with disabilities to reserves, facilities and services for birding.

Birding for All logo

Children & Nature Network

Connecting children, families & communities to nature through innovative ideas, resources & tools. Natural Families Nature Clubs & young person-led Let’s G.O. (Get Outside)!

Children & Nature Network logo

Dimensions Educational Research Foundation DERF

“Our mission is to transform children’s lives through meaningful daily connections with nature.” How children’s connections with the natural world can affect wellness & development.

DERF logo

Open Space

Research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments: benefits of getting outdoors & the barriers experienced by different users, particularly disadvantaged groups.

Open Space logo

Rough Guide to Accessible Britain

Free online guide to accessible attractions; tips, reviews, etc.

Rough Guides logo


Journal and web resource for butterfly, moth and dragonfly enthusiasts – find out about latest sightings, get involved in recording in your local area & share information. Co-organisers of Moth Night in late summer.

Atropos logo

Amateur Entomologists’ Society AES

Charity to promote the study of entomology (insects), especially amongst amateurs and the younger generation.

Amateur Entomologists Society

Australian Museum

Great spider resource – spiders in art & culture, spider toolkit, spider life cycles and tons more – global coverage (not just Aus.).

Australian Museum logo

British Arachnological Society BAS

‘Britain’s only charity devoted exclusively to the study and understanding of arachnids.’ Collection of videos for making a pooter, gathering & keeping spiders etc. Free factsheets on common British spiders.


British Beekeepers Association

Promoting the craft of beekeeping & advancing the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment. Learning resource ‘builds on the Bees in the Curriculum Schools Pack’ plus bees for kids section.

British Beekeeper Assoc logo

British Dragonfly Society

Working to conserve dragonflies and their wetland habitats. ID help, app for recording sightings, info on dragonflies & damselflies, and loads more.

British Dragonfly Society logo

British Entomological & Natural History Society

For the promotion and advancement of research in entomology (study of insects). Events, ID help, gallery and Code of Conduct for Collecting Insects & other Invertebrates.

British Entomological Society logo

British Leafminers

Photographing and recording all the leaf mining fauna which occur in Britain, which includes Coleoptera (beetles), Diptera (flies), Hymenoptera (sawflies) and Lepidoptera (moths).

British Leafminers logo

Bug Club

For young entomologists – events, magazine, fact files & guides to keeping bugs as pets, & Bug Club for Schools. From the Amateur Entomologists’ Society.

Bug Club logo


“Saving the small things that run the planet.” Tons of info including nice ‘bug of the month’ feature and Young Buglife section with resources for schools, bug makes & activities.

Buglife logo

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Raising awareness, researching and conserving bees. Loads of bee info! Bumble Kids section with facts, activities and ID tips.

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust logo

Butterfly Conservation

For the conservation of butterflies, moths and our environment. ID guides and A-Zs, and why they are important.

Butterfly Conservation logo

BWARS Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society

National society dedicated to studying & recording bees, wasps & ants (aculeate Hymenoptera) in Britain & Ireland. ID help and lots of information sheets to download.

BWARS logo

First Nature: Insects

Photos, ID guides and details of food and habitat requirements for eight of the more common and interesting winged insect orders.

First Nature logo

Learning About Insects on the Playground

A great entomology guide, with insect and bug facts and life cycles, and closer looks at ants, bees, beetles, and butterflies & moths. From PlaygroundEquipment.com

Playgroundequipment.com Logo

Royal Entomological Society

‘Plays a major national & international role in disseminating information about insects & improving communication between entomologists.’ Information, ID guides, insect-friendly gardens etc. Organisers of National Insect Week.

Royal Entomological Society

UK Crayfish Hub

‘Everything you need to know about our only native crayfish species, the White-clawed crayfish, its ecology, reasons for its decline, conservation projects and the latest scientific research.’ From Buglife.

UK Glow Worm Survey

Report sightings, find glow worm walks and discover lots of info about this little known British insect.

UK Ladybird Survey

ID and record your ladybird sightings, info on anatomy, habitats, etc plus Children’s Pages with fun facts, quiz & game.

UK Ladybird Survey logo

UK Wood Ants

Everything you need to know about wood ants including some fun wood ant facts!

Barn Owl Trust

Barn owl facts, info on nest boxes, habitats and care and kids section includes lesson plans, games and worksheets.

Barn Owl Trust Logo

Bird Guides

Report sightings, browse thousands of articles, free newsletter, search images, etc.

Bird Guides logo

Birding UK & Ireland

UK and Ireland Bird Community – online forum and directory.

Birding UK Logo

Birdlife International

Global partnership of conservation organisations aiming to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, with over 120 partner organisations.

Birdlife International logo

Bird Observatories Council

Co-ordinates and promotes the work of observatories monitoring bird populations and migration.

Bird Observatories Council logo


“The home of birding”. Magazine with tons of articles online including ID-ing & conservation.

Birdwatch logo

British Ornithologists’ Union BOU

Charity offering research, grants, publications and events.

British Ornithologists Union logo

British Trust for Ornithology BTO

Combining professional & citizen science – using evidence of change in wildlife populations, particularly birds, to inform the public, opinion-formers & environmental policy- and decision-makers.

BTO logo

British Waterfowl Association

An association of enthusiasts interested in keeping, breeding and conserving all kinds of waterfowl – wildfowl, domestic ducks and geese.

British Waterfowl Assoc logo

First Nature: birds

An illustrated guide to more than 70 of Britain’s wild birds of mountains, lowlands, rivers, lakes and shores.

First Nature logo

Hawk & Owl Trust

National charity dedicated to conserving owls and other birds of prey in the wild, and increasing knowledge and understanding of them.

Hawk & Owl Trust logo

Hawk Conservancy Trust

Charity and visitor centre (in Hampshire) working in the fields of conservation, education, rehabilitation and research into birds of prey.

Hawk Conservancy Trust logo

Raptor Rescue

What to do if you find a sick or injured bird of prey.

Raptor Rescue logo


The UK’s largest nature conservation charity; conserving wildlife and restoring & protecting its natural habitats, through research and practical projects. Bird guides, ID help and more.

RSPB logo

Songbird Survival

Charity researching the decline of Britain’s songbirds (with gorgeous recordings of bird songs).

Songbird Survival logo

WWT Wildfowl & Wetland Trust

Conservation charity that protects, repairs and creates wetlands for people and wildlife, with 9 centres across the UK.

WWT logo


Delightful site of field recordings of birdsong & natural places.

Blue Flag

Sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education & information, environmental management, safety etc.

Blue Flag logo

British Marine Life Study Society

Exploring & researching the marine life of the seas surrounding the British Isles. Extensive rockpooling section and section for younger people.


Canal & River Trust

Charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. Duck Guide for families, extensive document library  and Explorers section for free games & learning resources.

Canal & River Trust Logo

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

The UK’s Centre of Excellence for integrated research in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere. Part of the Natural Environment Research Council.

Centre For Ecology & Hydrology Logo

Freshwater Habitats Trust

Protecting freshwater life for everyone to enjoy, through conservation & research – ponds, streams, lakes etc. Includes volunteer surveys PondNet.

Frehwater Habitats Trust Logo

Marine Conservation Society

The UK charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. Good fish guide, beach cleans, campaigns & Cool Seas Explorers education project.

MCS Logo

WWT Wildfowl & Wetland Trust 

Conservation charity that protects, repairs and creates wetlands for people and wildlife, with 9 centres across the UK.

WWT logo

Wetlands International

The only global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands.

Wetlands International Logo

Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland

Protecting and enhancing Scotland’s rural landscapes for future generations.


British Association of Nature Conservationists

Independent network of conservation practitioners, academics & individuals taking a critical look at nature conservation – workshops, conferences, books, reports & the ECO journal.


Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

‘Wales’ foremost landscape charity, founded in 1928.’


Campaign to Protect Rural England CPRE

Campaigning for a beautiful and living countryside that everyone can value and enjoy.


Conservation Foundation

Promoting positive environmental action through innovative projects. Tool Shed garden tool scheme recycles & donates tools to schools.

Conservation Foundation Logo

Countryside Management Association CMA

Supporting conservation professionals in the natural greenspace and countryside sector throughout England and Wales.

CMA Logo

FIT Fields in Trust

Defending access to free, local outdoor space for sport, play and recreation. Information about how to protect parks and green spaces.  Annual Field Day encourages you to #LoveYourLocalPark.

Fit Logo


Natural history section of National Museums NI, with extensive info on “plant life, animal life, minerals, rocks & fossils.” and CEDAR Centre for Environmental Data and Recording.

Habitas Logo

International Ranger Federation IRF

Raising awareness of and supporting the critical work that the world’s park rangers do in conserving our natural and cultural heritage.

IRF Logo

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Widely recognised as the most comprehensive, objective global approach for evaluating the conservation status of plant and animal species.

Red List Logo

John Muir Trust

“Dedicated to restoring, protecting and defending wild places.” Offers the John Muir environmental award scheme, encouraging people to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places.

John Muir Trust Logo

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

“Protects the outdoors by teaching & inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.” Creators of the Leave No Trace Seven Principles, ‘guidance to enjoy our natural world in a sustainable way that avoids human-created impacts.’ US.

Leave No Trace Logo

Moorland Association

Lobbies for legislation & actions to protect & preserve the moors & habitats of some of our most precious wildlife. Members are responsible for over a million acres of moorlands in England & Wales.

Moorland Assoc Logo

National Trust

‘We’re a UK conservation charity, protecting historic places and green spaces, and opening them up for ever, for everyone.’

National Trust Logo

National Trust for Scotland

‘For the preservation and conservation of natural and human heritage that is significant to Scotland and the world.’

National Trust For Scotland

Natural History Museum

Museum plus tons and tons of online resources, activities, research etc.

Natural History Museum Logo

Nature Net

A voluntary-run online resource for practical nature conservation and countryside management, from those in the know.

Naturenet Logo

The Nature Conservancy

International US-based agency for lobbying, researching & practical conservation projects: ‘protecting nature, conserving life.’

The Nature Conservancy Logo

Nature Works Everywhere

Gives teachers, students and families everything they need to start exploring and understanding nature around the globe, including teaching resources. A Nature Conservancy programme.

Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust Learning Resources

Over 1000 pages on habitat restoration, ecological surveys and educational and scientific material.

RESCUE: the British Archaeological Trust

Dedicated to supporting archaeology and the historic environment in Britain and abroad.


Scottish Wild Land Group

SWLG was established in 1982 to protect and conserve wild land in Scotland, and has campaigned on a wide range of issues.


“We work to protect and develop access to the Scottish countryside for all and are home to the Heritage Paths Project.”

ScotWays logo

Survival international

‘…champions tribal peoples around the world. We help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.’

Survival International Logo

TCV The Conservation Volunteers

Looking after the environment, both through its own green projects and by supporting local people to volunteer.

TCV Logo


United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre: helping decision makers learn about the value of biodiversity.


Wilderness Foundation

Sharing a common belief in the irreplaceable value of wilderness and the ancient link between humanity and nature: and how by visiting unspoiled places this connection is rekindled.

Wilderness Foundation logo

ZSL Zoological Society of London

To promote and achieve worldwide conservation for animals and their habitats.

ZSL logo

British Ecological Society

‘Working towards a world inspired, informed & influenced by ecology’. Learning resources promise ‘a creative and practical learning journey of ecology.’

British Ecological Society Logo

British Naturalists Association

Conferences, talks, field meetings and publications to promote the study of all branches of natural history for anyone with an interest.

British Naturalists Association Logo

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

The UK’s Centre of Excellence for integrated research in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere. Part of the Natural Environment Research Council.

Centre For Ecology & Hydrology Logo

Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management CIEEM

‘Representing and supporting ecologists and environmental managers for the benefit of nature and society.’


Earth Education UK

Helping people live more harmoniously with the natural world by: understanding ecosystems; developing love & respect for the Earth & its life-forms; reducing our impact on natural resources.

Earth Education UK Logo

Earthwatch Institute

International charity engaging people in research & education to promote understanding & action for a sustainable environment. Citizen science projects include Earthworm Watch.

Earthwatch Logo


International programme enabling students to be the change our sustainable world needs and engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning
• Eco-Schools England • Eco-Schools Northern Ireland • Eco-Schools Scotland • Eco-Schools Wales.

Eco Schools Logo

Environmental History Resources

Useful site providing resources, information and a youtube channel for scholars, students and anyone interested in environmental history. Australian site.

Foundation for Environmental Education

Global network promoting sustainable development through environmental education. Programmes include Blue Flag, Young ReportersLearning About Forests & Eco-Schools.

FEE Logo


Changing places, changing lives – one green step at a time. Volunteer and community projects.

Groundwork Logo

Keep Britain Tidy

Aim to eliminate litter, improve local places and end waste. Environmental education, research & training plus the Big Tidy UpSeaside Awards and Love Parks.

Keep Britain Tidy Logo

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

An environmental charity dedicated to making NI a cleaner and more pleasant place in which to live.

Keep NI Beautiful Logo

Keep Scotland Beautiful

‘Committed to making Scotland clean, green and more sustainable.’ Campaigns, acts and educates on environmental issues which affect people’s quality of life.

Keep Scotland Beautiful Logo

Keep Wales Tidy

Making Wales a better place to live with an environment that’s enjoyed by all.

Keep Wales Tidy Logo

Natural Environment Research Council NERC

The UK’s largest funder of independent environmental science, training and innovation, delivered through universities and research centres. Excellent free Planet Earth magazine.


Wilderness Awareness School

Nice resources on Fun in Nature with Kids, free e-courses and library with articles on nature skills and nature connection.

Wildreness Awareness School Logo

Young People’s Trust for the Environment YPTE

Charity which aims to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability. Fun facts for kids, advanced info for teenagers and resources for parents and teachers.

Ypte Logo

UK Fossils Network

Maps, events, collecting guides and advice on fossil hunting.

UK Fossils Network Logo

Discovering Fossils

‘A collection of online resources & guided fossil hunts introducing the palaeontology of Great Britain’. The most productive fossil hunting locations & the techniques for effective, responsible collecting & conservation.

Discovering Fossils Logo

Badger Trust

Promotes the study, conservation & protection of badgers, their setts & natural habitats, encouraging tolerance & appreciation of badgers by offering information, advice and guidance.

Badger Trust Logo


‘The definitive online guide to badgers in the UK.’ Education resources by age, also poems, stories, research and more.

Badgerland Image

Bat Conservation Trust

For the conservation of bats & the landscapes on which they rely. Local bat groups, bat walks & events, Bat Helpline (0345 1300 228), bat info, gardening for bats, bat activities for kids etc.

Bat Conservation Trust Logo

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Protection of hedgehogs and their habitats, rehab and care, celebration! Range of useful leaflets.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society Logo

British Deer Society

Enabling British deer to exist in today’s environment & ensure that their future is secure for generations to come. Learn about British wild deer, stalking, management & deer photography.

British Deer Society Logo

First Nature: mammals

An illustrated guide to Britain’s bats and mammals – lots of info and photos.

First Nature logo

Hedgehog Street

Campaign to protect hedgehogs and their habitats – loads of info on the UK’s only spiny mammal, how to build a hedgehog home, and tips on how to become a Hedgehog champion!

Hedgehog Street Logo

International Otter Survival Fund

‘Dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters.’ Tons of otter info. World Otter Day on 31 May.


Mammal Society

Science-led mammal conservation, collecting & sharing information, encouraging research and contributing to conservation efforts. National Mammal Week in October.

Mammal Society Logo


World famous wildlife rescue & rehab centre – plenty of useful online resources about hedgehogs and other small British mammals too.

Tiggywinkles Logo

British Bryological Society BBS

Promotes the study of mosses and liverworts through field meetings, recording and research projects, an international academic journal and a membership magazine.

British Bryological Society Logo

British Lichen Society

Promote the teaching and study of lichens; supports the conservation of lichens and their habitats; raises awareness of the beauty of lichens and their importance as indicators of the health of our environment.

British Lichen Society Logo

British Mycological Society

The world of fungal biology research, conservation and education, with an Education & Outreach section with useful resources and info, MycoKids and UK Fungus Day on 8 October.

British Mycological Society Logo

David Moore’s World of Fungi

An interactive website of general fungal biology that covers the whole range of mycology’ Lots and lots of info – well worth a browse, from a man with a 50-year research career.

First Nature: Fungi

Picture ID guide, sortable database, info on diversity, top 20 UK fungi, importance & benefits of mushrooms & toadstools, and more.

First Nature logo

Fungi 4 Schools

Teaching resources for KS 2, 3 & 4, including how to draw, paint & photograph fungi, free posters, guide to using microscopes and everything you need to run a Funky Fungi Workshop.

Fungus Conservation Trust

For anyone who wants to discover and enjoy mushrooms and toadstools or is interested in mycological conservation. Maintains national fungus database & red list of threatened species.

Fungus Conservation Trust


Useful resource of articles, tips for cultivation and links to local funghi-loving groups.

Line drawing of a variety of different fungi

Hidden Forest

Have you ever ‘come across some strange fungus, lichen or maybe even a slime mould, and wondered “what’s that?” My web site is my small attempt to photograph and name many of these strange things.’ A New Zealand website.

Natural Perspective

Site explaining the biosphere and basics of flora & fauna classification, with sections on natural histories and photos of mosses & liverworts, lichens and the fungus kingdom.

Northern Ireland Fungus Group

A voluntary group whose aim is to promote the conservation of and interest in Fungi in NI. Dates of Fungi Forays and lots of interesting links.

Wildlife Trusts: mosses & liverworts

ID guides, habitats and info on common British mosses.

Wildlife Trusts logo

Biodynamic Association

Steiner-conceived farming understanding the influence of the seasons & climate and using organic principles for healthy plants and animals. Training, events and info.

Biodynamic Assoc Logo

Biodynamic Land Trust

Established to secure land into trust for healthy and sustainable farming and gardening.



Definitions, uses, how to make, types, chemistry, producers, even a biofuels for kids section.

Biofuel Logo

CAT Centre for Alternative Technology

Education & visitor centre with courses and resources on sustainability & green living: environmental building, woodland management, renewable energy & organic growing, etc.

CAT Logo

Common Ground

Inspiring people to make a positive difference to their localities & local environments, valuing local history, language, nature, architecture, folklore and rules for local distinctiveness.

Common Ground logo

Earth Easy: grow compost

Benefits of composting; what & how to compost – different methods, different containers, tips and guides.

Eartheasy Logo

Edible Forest Gardens

Small-scale gardens that mimic forest ecosystem structure and function, but grow food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizer, “farmaceuticals,” and fun. Inspiration & practical information on the vision, ecology, design, and stewardship.

Folklore Society

All aspects of folklore and tradition including: folk & fairy tales, traditional song and dance, games, children’s folklore, folk arts & crafts, and plant & weather lore.

Folklore Society logo

Permaculture Association

Designing intelligent systems which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet & creating a fairer world for us all. Advice, support, info & training.

Permaculture Assoc Logo

Plants for a Future

Resources & information on edible & otherwise useful plants, plus research on ecologically sustainable horticulture permaculture principles. Thorough section on plant uses.


Recycle Now

Lots of info about reuse, recycling and reducing – including how to make compost from kitchen and garden waste.

RecycleNow Logo

Schumacher College

World-renowned for cutting edge, dynamic learning on sustainability. Inspirational video archive of Earth Talks by many of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and activists.

Schumacher College Logo

Space for Nature: garden biodiversity forum

For people interested in the wildlife in their gardens and for gardeners who want to actively encourage wildlife. News, diary, features & tips.


‘Exploring human-nature relations and seeking sustainable solutions to modern-living.’ Sprawling site, worth an explore if you’ve got a while…

Association for Heritage Interpretation

Bringing together people actively involved or concerned with interpretation of natural and cultural heritage.

AHI Logo

Association of Countryside Volunteers

For everyone who works as a Countryside Volunteer in the UK.

Countryside Volunteers Logo

Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management

Representing and supporting ecologists and environmental managers for the benefit of nature and society.


CLA Country, Land & Business Association

For owners of land, property and business in rural England and wales.

CLA logo

Scottish Countryside Rangers’ Association

Professional membership charity supporting countryside rangers in Scotland.


Biodiversity Scotland

Maintaining healthy ecosystems, tackling invasive non-native species and delivering the Scottish Biodiversity Route Map to 2020.

Biodiversity Scotland Logo

CNCC Council for Nature Conservation & the Countryside 

Statutory advisor on nature conservation and natural beauty to the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) in Northern Ireland.

DEFRA Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

UK government department responsible for safeguarding the natural environment, supporting the food and farming industry, and sustaining a thriving rural economy.

English Heritage

‘Exists to help people understand, value, care for and enjoy England’s unique heritage.’ Sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

English Heritage Logo

Environment Agency (England & Wales)

‘We work to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development.’

Environment Agency Logo

Forest Europe

Pan-European, voluntary, high-level political process for forest policies in Europe – develops common strategies for its 47 signatories on how to protect & sustainably manage their forests.

Forest Europe Logo

Forestry Commission

Government body (overseen by DEFRA) which manages, restores & conserves forests: Forestry Commission EnglandForestry Commission ScotlandNatural Resources Wales & Forest Research.

Forest Service Northern Ireland

Covers forestry education, forest industry, forestry and the environment and forest planning. Part of the DAERA.

JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Advises the UK Government on UK & international nature conservation to maintain & enrich biological diversity & conserve geological features. UK BAP Priority Species: the most threatened & requiring conservation action, and protected areas.


Ministry of Defence: Sanctuary magazine

The MoD’s annual sustainability magazine – covering sustainable development and the sustainable management of the natural and built assets across the Defence estate, and how the MOD is undertaking its responsibility for stewardship of the estate in the UK and overseas.

National Parks UK

Guides to the UK’s 15 national parks: independent bodies funded by central government to conserve & enhance the natural beauty, wildlife & cultural heritage of their land. Also FAQs for students.

National Parks Logo

Natural England

‘We’re the government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, helping to protect England’s nature and landscapes for people to enjoy and for the services they provide.’ (overseen by DEFRA).

National Nature Reserves in England links to all the official nature reserves in England.

Natural England Logo

Northern Ireland Department of the Environment

Responsible for waste, water, pollution, biodiversity, historic environment, land & landscapes, etc.

OPAL Open Air Laboratories Network

UK-wide citizen science initiative that allows you to get hands-on with nature, whatever your age, background or level of ability. Activities, resources & national surveys collecting important scientific data. Events & workshops.


Scottish Environment Protection Agency

‘Our role is to help protect and maintain Scotland’s vital environmental resources.’


Scotland’s National Nature Reserves

Find a reserve or see the research and other work undertaken.

Scotland's National Nature Reserves Logo

Scottish Natural Heritage

‘Care for and improve Scotland’s natural heritage, and promote its sustainable use, now and for future generations.’ Funded by the Scottish Government.

Scottish Natural Heritage Logo

Whitley Fund for Nature

Offering awards & grants to outstanding nature conservationists around the world. ‘Supporting projects founded on good science, community involvement … champion passionate individuals who are committed to precipitating long-lasting conservation benefits on the ground.’

WFN Logo

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust

Conserving amphibians & reptiles and saving the disappearing habitats on which they depend. Report sightings and find help & advice on habitats, care and identification.

ARC Trust Logo

Amphibian & Reptile Groups of the UK

Supporting over 60 Amphibian & Reptile Groups (ARGs) in the UK; lists of local groups, ID guides, surveys, gardening advice, etc.


Amphibian Survival Alliance & Amphibian Specialist Group

‘By focusing on amphibians, and the sites and habitats upon which they depend, the ASG & ASA are working to improve the quality of life for amphibians, for other wildlife, and for people around the world.’

Amphibian Survivial Alliance Logo

First Nature: Amphibians
First Nature: Reptiles

Photos, natural history, links & species guides.

First Nature logo


Dated-looking but hugely comprehensive and fun resource about all aspects of frogs and toads.


‘Committed to the conservation of amphibians & reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats they depend on.’ Lots of useful stuff in the Learning Zone & Dragon Finder app for IDs & sightings.

Froglife Logo

Wildlife Trusts: Common Frog

Species guide including identification, habitats and how to help – including building a wildlife pond.

Wildlife Trusts logo

Woodland Trust: Amphibians

Listings of all the frogs, toads & newts to be found in the UK – common & Latin names, appearance, behaviour and breeding.

Woodland Trust Logo

30 Days Wild

Sign up for a free pack with ideas for Random Acts of Wildness, also wallchart, badge & inspiration throughout June to help you make nature part of your life. From the Wildlife Trusts.

30 Days Wild Logo

Animal Corner 

Comprehensive free guide to ‘the many weird and wonderful animals that live on our planet’:  facts, information and pictures of thousands of species.

Association of Farming & Wildlife Advisory Groups

Providing independent environmental advice to British farmers, helping them understand the environmental value of their land and make the most of the agri-environment options available.



‘The Virtual Field-Guide to UK Biodiversity’ – an enormous collection of photographs of wild species & natural history objects, covering most groups of organisms with the exception of birds & other vertebrates in Britain or Ireland. Presented to illustrate biodiversity and as an aid to identification.

British Wildlife Helpline

How to provide short term care for sick, injured or orphaned British wild animals and birds until a suitable rescue or rehab centre is found.

Field Studies Council

Providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, and understand the environment. Field guides and ID charts and teaching resources.

FSC logo

First Nature

Hugely comprehensive resource with maps of nature reserves, ID guides and fact files on many many wild flora, fauna and habitats.

First Nature logo

Herman the Worm

Nice resource for children with the autobiography of Squirmin’ Herman the Worm – natural history, family tree, anatomy, making a worm bin, facts, fun stuff and links.

Herman The Worm Pic


‘A friendly & free community helping to identify wildlife and share nature.’ A Citizen Science project run by The Open University , developed by OPAL.

Ispot Logo

National Wildlife Foundation

Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future – loads of great activities in the Kids section  and extensive Wildlife Library of species and habitats.

NWF logo

Nature Detectives

Fantastic resource – tons and tons of nature-related activities. From the Woodland Trust.

Nature Detectives logo


Animal facts, education & inspiration. Animal A-Z, Top Tens (smallest, fastest, smelliest, etc), animal behaviour – from a Scottish charity working to end animal suffering through campaigns, research & education.

OneKind Logo

People’s Trust for Endangered Species

Improving the outlook for endangered species – surveys, practical action & events. Free Education Resources include ‘free workshops, fact sheets & activity ideas … ideal for schools, youth groups, homework help or just for fun!’


Space for Nature Garden Biodiversity Forum

For people interested in the wildlife in their gardens and for gardeners who want to actively encourage wildlife.

The Wildlife Trusts

Dedicated to the protection of nature, with 47 individual Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the UK: Scottish Wildlife TrustWildlife Trusts WalesWildlife Watch children’s section with activities & games and 30 Days Wild in June.

Wildlife Trusts logo

UK Safari

‘For anyone interested in the wildlife of the UK.’ Blogs, thousands of photos, help with identification for wildlife watchers, nature group leaders, teachers and conservation professionals.

Vincent Wildlife Trust

Charity working to safeguard the future of mammals in Britain and Ireland, specialising in rare or ‘difficult to track’ mammals, through research and in the field.

Vincent Wildlife Trust Logo

Wild About Gardens

Partnership between the RHS and The Wildlife Trusts. ‘Find out more about the creatures regularly found in our gardens & discover what they do there.’ Monthly newsletter and wildlife resources to download.

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Wild About the British Isles

Wildlife forum, replacing the sadly missed Wild About Britain forum – online community devoted to British wildlife, the environment and wildlife photography.


Campaigning charity protecting endangered wildlife & environments around the world, tackling climate change & promoting sustainability. Schools Resources & Activities to Connect with Nature.


Arboricultural Association

Professional institution for amenity tree-care professionals – promoting the sustainable management of trees in areas where people live, work & play. Training, advice & events.

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Cashel Forest

‘The forest for a thousand years – a project designed to restore and regenerate Scotland’s native woods to their original splendour through sound forestry practice.

Discover the Forest

Great US site. How to prepare for a trip to the forest or woods, what to do once you’re there (tons of good activities), info on ecosystems, conservation and lots more.

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First Nature: The Arboretum

An illustrated guide to the native and naturalised trees of Britain and Ireland.

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Grown in Britain

Creating a sustainable wood culture that connects people, companies & organisations to woods & forests, recognising the important environment they provide for people, wildlife & the economy.

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LEAF – Learning About Forests

‘Rekindles in students a desire to engage more with their natural surroundings. ‘ Tools & resources on forest themes and global Plant a Tree for Peace scheme.

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National Forest

Transforming 200 square miles in the centre of England into a national forest. Non-departmental public body sponsored by DEFRA.

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Small Woods

The national organisation for woodland owners, workers and supporters. ‘We stand for living sustainable woods: alive with wildlife, people and work.’

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Spirit of Trees

A varied collection of multicultural folktales and myths – ‘a resource for therapists, educators, environmentalists, storytellers and tree lovers!’

Sylva Foundation

Working across Britain to help forests thrive, for people & for nature, following sustainable development principles – research, education, online forestry resources & wood products.

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The Tree

‘Information, stories & myths related to trees. A meeting place for treehuggers and green activists. Supporting the regeneration of woodlands across the UK’.

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The Tree Council

Aiming for more trees in streets, parks, hedgerows & woodland, benefiting people & wildlife, enhancing landscapes & engaging people in biodiversity & environmental issues.

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Trees for Health

No longer active but a great archive of information on why trees are good for you; forest gardens & tree food; remedies; tree growing and more.

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Tree Register

Charity collating and updating a unique database of over 200,000 of the most notable trees across Britain and Ireland.

US Forest Service: Learn

Lots of resources for kids, educators and nature professionals on plants, animals, trees and forests.

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Woodland heritage

Charity founded by a group of traditional cabinet makers who wanted to improve the way in which trees were grown, maintained and harvested in the UK.

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Woodland Trust

Charity protecting, conserving and restoring ancient woodlands through practical projects, education and campaigns. Identify, discover and learn about trees.

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Conserving British woodlands by helping individuals and families buy their own woodlands to enjoy and to look after.

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Conservation Jobs

Conservation jobs site – search by category, location or job type. Free for job-seekers or pay to advertise your posts.

Countryside Jobs Service

Free & low cost information promoting countryside careers in the UK & environmental conservation worldwide. Find or advertise jobs & training.

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Game Conservancy Trust

Controversial charity promoting game and wildlife management including field sports and predator control.


NFU Countryside

‘Celebrate all that’s great about the British countryside, from our beautiful landscapes, to Britain’s fascinating flora and fauna, and the farmers who bring us our food.’

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