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Muddy Faces is all about getting outdoors with your groups, families and friends. Learning bushcraft skills is a great way of connecting with the outdoors and nurturing respect for nature and our landscapes and traditions, as well as improving dexterity and developing a range of other physical and developmental skills.

We have compiled a list of interesting & inspiring websites on bushcraft & survival skills, including the main governing bodies, national organisations and initiatives – many are directly related to working & playing outdoors, some have a wider remit or are included because we think they may be helpful to know about.

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We do our best to keep these links up to date. If you find any broken or outdated links or have something you think should be added, please email share@muddyfaces.co.uk with ‘links’ in the subject line. Thank you.

Bulletin of Primitive Technology

“The voice of experimenters, practitioners, teachers and hobbyists in the fields of experimental/experiential archaeology and primitive technology.”

Native Tech

“Indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples, providing historical & contemporary background with instructional how-to’s & references.”

Native Tech logo

Paleo Planet

Forum site for discussion of many aspects of primitive technology & bushcraft.

Primitive Ways

Hugely comprehensive site full of excellent illustrated how-tos: fire & cooking, tools & projectiles, music, traditional skills from around the world, plants & shelters, and more!

Primitive Ways logo

Thomas J. Elpel’s Web World Portal

“Connecting the dots from wilderness survival to sustainable living.” Quirky US site with tons of offshoots including interesting articles on primitive living.

Hollow Top logo

Will Lord Prehistoric Experiences

Flint-knapping, bowmaking and all aspects of primitive survival techniques including prehistoric cooking, cordage and shelters.

will lord logo

A-Z of Bushcraft

Youtube channel. Great series of videos made to explain many aspects of bushcraft

A-Z Bushcraft Screenshot

Alderleaf Wilderness College

US site with free how-tos on tracking, bushcraft, edible plants, nature & permaculture, wildlife tracking, birding & bird language, outdoor education and other nature skills.

Alderleaf Wilderness College Logo

Bushcraft Buddy

Good sections on bushcraft skills, wild foods, gear and tools, and real life survival stories.

Bushcraft UK

Very comprehensive site with resources to download, tons of news, articles, course info and a big community forum.

bushcraftuk logo

Great British Bushcraft Facebook Group

Join the group to take part in discussions & share info with other people interested in bushcraft.

How to Wilderness

“The Go-to Learning Resource for Outdoor Enthusiasts.” Training for outdoor adventurers – videos, demos, articles & quizzes, including making & following trails, knots & fire making.

How To Wilderness Logo


Junglecraft is bushcraft for the tropical jungle. Lots of videos and articles from a guy who lives in a rain forest about 40 miles from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

MCQ Bushcraft

Personal site covering all aspects of bushcraft, but particularly knives.

MCQ Bushcraft Logo

Natural Bushcraft

Personal site covering all areas of bushcraft, but particularly fire, with blogs, indepth articles & videos. Useful monthly wild food list and active forum.

Natural Bushcraft logo

Paul Kirtley’s Blog

Blog from bushcraft instructor & former Ray Mears student, on his international bushcraft adventures, plus free videos and tips newsletter.

Paul Kirtley

Sumo Survival

Blogs, videos, reviews & more on bushcraft from two brothers who also created the Bushcraft Cleanup campaign

Sumo Survival logo


Nice looking US site with loads of photos, videos and info about many areas of bushcraft & wilderness and survival skills.

Survival Tek logo

Survival World

Very comprehensive site about survival in all terrains – skills, tips and stories.

Urban Bushcraft

Blog, podcast & youtube channel about bushcraft in an urban area.

Urban Bushcraft logo

Wildwood Survival

Canadian site with over 500 pages of survival topics, including fire, shelter, water, food, water, etc, plus forums.

Woodcraft School

Mainly a course provider but also useful videos on tracking, foraging and making tools.

Woodcraft School logo

Woodlore: Ray Mears Bushcraft

Training courses, shop & blog from the Big Daddy of bushcraft.

Ray Mears logo

We didn’t find many websites entirely dedicated to fire, so here are just a couple of links to articles on the history of making fire.

And we’ve created a whole lot of our own activity pages on fire-lighting techniques and uses of fire with Forest School type groups. See them here.

See also our bushcraft information page for other people’s how-to guides on fire-lighting.

Thought Co logoHistory of chemical matches

Article from ThoughtCo.



Modern and primitive methods of lighting fires / History, types and references about matches. Articles from Wikipedia

Wikipedia logo

Methods of making fire

The history of making fire – how humans first created a spark, from the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Pitt Rivers Museum logo

A (Near) Complete List of Fire Building Techniques (+Tips and Tricks)

A comprehensive handbook, starting with ‘what is fire’ and prepping your area, tools & materials, followed by lots of different ancient & modern fire starting techniques, right through to maintaining your fire, extinguishing it and clearing up afterwards. From Geek Prepper.

Animated Knots

Aims “to provide the best teaching about how to tie knots” with literally hundreds of animations available.

Animated Knots logo

Jon’s Bushcraft

Lots of how-to articles including natural cordage, basket-weaving, spoon & bowl carving and beautiful canoes.

Jon's Bushcraft logo

Lost knowledge: ropes and knots

A very thorough history of rope-making and usage, from pre-history to present day, from Low Tech Magazine.

Low Tech mag header

Make rope out of dead plants – with no tools 

Step-by-step guide with colour photos, includes finding your fibre plants, harvesting, prep, theory and method. From Instructables.

Instructables logo

NativeTech: Weaving & Cordage

History, context and how-tos of Native American cordage, basketry & weaving.

Native Tech logo

Survival World: Knots

An A-Z of hundreds of common (and not so common) knots and their uses, with illustrated instructions for each one.

Bushcraft Journal

Online magazine offering skills, step-by-step guides, how-tos, hints and tips, and stories of travel and adventure – “all you need to enhance your journey in the natural world.”

Bushcraft Journal logo

Bushcraft Magazine

Quarterly mag, lots of useful articles, blog & back issues for sale.

Bushcraft Magazine logo

Bushcraft Show

3-day event in Derbyshire with tons of practical workshops & demonstrations, talks from some big names in bushcraft, entertainment & bush tucker! End of May.

bushcraft show logo

Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine

Bi-monthly mag – features, articles and reviews on all things bushcraft – competitions too.

Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazing logo

Cornwall RV

Traditional craft workshops & demos, wild camping, etc, held over the Easter weekend.

Spoon Fest

The international celebration of the carved wooden spoon. Held in August in the Peak District.

Spoonfest logo

Wilderness Gathering

Bushcraft, music, wild camping & open fires – for all the family – demos, workshops, activities, etc. August, in Wiltshire.

Wilderness Gathering logo

Wildwise Family Camp

Nature awareness, bushcraft and storytelling in a friendly camp setting. August, Dartmoor.

Wildwise logo

Cyber Tracker

“Discover, explore and protect our planet” – free software to use on phones etc for animal tracking and contributing to a worldwide environmental monitoring network.

Cybertracker logo

Global Discovery: Dowsing Tips

How to find water and other materials by dowsing, from a master practitioner.


Builds on your innate ability to create a greater awareness of your immediate environment, using your senses of sight, sound, smell & touch and a map and compass. Training & resources.

Ordnance Survey Guide to Map Reading

Videos and guides plus the brilliant Map Zone for kids with games, skills & tons of info.

Ordnance Survey Logo

Reading Topographical Maps

Free online manual: map reading & navigation plus the important skill of map folding! (slightly old-fashioned site, but good info.)

42eXplore: shelter

All sorts of links, resources & discussions starters for children, about shelters.

Outdoor Life: 15 best shelter designs

Nice clear photos of 15 different shelters using tarps or woodland materials.

outdoor life logo

Practical Survivor: wilderness survival shelter

Extremely thorough examination of how, where and why to build a shelter, including how to keep them warm and dry, locations, materials and different types and styles of shelter.

Practical Survivor logo

Yurt Forum

To discuss and share info about building & living in yurts.

Yurt Forum logo

Yurt Info

Tons of info on yurts & gers – how to build your own, plus extensive resource list.

Ancient Crafts: flintknapping

Ancient Crafts: projects

How-tos, famous flintknappers, risks, glossary of terms and tools/Child & adult-friendly projects to create cordage, pigments, tools, crafts & art.

Ancient Craft logo

Bushcraft tools: What you’ll need to survive

The 5 basic tools you need. From Survival Mastery.

Survival Mastery logo

Flintknapping with Onagocag

Hints, tips, illustrated how-to flintknap and more, from Onagocag Publishing Co – specialising in Native American skills

Onagachog logo

Jack Raven Bushcraft: bushcraft tools

Blog about the tools a bushcrafter uses regularly.

Jack Raven Bushcraft logo

Institute for Outdoor Learning

Supports individuals & organisations who use the outdoors to make a difference for others. Aim to increase participation in Outdoor Learning & recognise & improve the quality of Outdoor Learning in the UK.

Institute for Outdoor Learning logo

Wilderness Foundation

“Working to keep people healthy & our planet wild! At the heart of the global wilderness community for 40 years, the Wilderness Foundation UK protects wilderness while meeting the needs of human communities.”

Wilderness Foundation logo