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Muddy Faces

World Pooh Sticks Championships

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  • Event Date 02.06.24
  • Website Website
Sadly this event is not happening in 2019, but why not play Pooh Sticks wherever you are, in celebration of the simple game created by A A Milne in the book The House at Pooh Corner?All you need is a stick*, a stream or a river, and a bridge**. Everyone drops their stick at the same time from the up-river side of the bridge. Rush across to the other side of the bridge and see who's stick comes out first.* please collect your sticks responsibly, using ones that are already on the ground - don't hurt or damage trees ** ideally you'll play this game on a non-road bridge - and if not, have responsible adults helping children to cross roads safely

"Pooh-Sticks Bridge"by oclipa is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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