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International Children's Day

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  • Event Date 01.06.24
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History of International Children's Day

The origin of this holiday goes back to 1925, when representatives from different countries met in Geneva, Switzerland to convene the first "World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children".After the conference, some governments around the world designated a day as Children's Day to highlight children's issues. There was no specific date recommended, so countries used whatever date was most relevant to their culture.

Children's Day around the world

In the UK National Children's Day is celebrated on 12 May.Some countries observe Children's' Day on 20 November as Universal Children’s Day. This day was established by the United Nations in 1954 and aims to promote the welfare of children around the world.The date of 1 June is used by many ex-Soviet countries as 'The International Day for Protection of Children' established on 1 June 1950 following the Women's International Democratic Federation's congress in Moscow that took place in 1949.According to The Metro, Children's day is celebrated on June 1 each year by the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Benin, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Cambodia, Czech Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Macau, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sao Tomé and Príncipe, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Tanazia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen.Taiwan observes Children's Day on 4 April.Information from Office HolidaysSee also:National Children's Day (UK) 12 MayInternational Children's Day 1 JuneUniversal Children's Day 20 November


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