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Nature Play & the Therapeutic Space (two-day training)

Wednesday 22 April


An experiential training for health and education practitioners wanting to work in ‘Green Spaces.’ No previous experience is necessary but would suit people working with children or young people. This two-day training has been created to help those working with groups of young people and children to understand why some children present difficult behaviours and are unable to participate in the group activities.

You will develop your facilitation skills and ability to work with children that present difficult behaviours and explore therapeutic nature-play skills (e.g. reflective communication and use of puppets & sand) which will engage the group of children and individuals building their emotional regulation, curiosity, imagination and well-being.

The course will include:

Therapeutic nature play.
The Forest School Continuum.
Exploring effective strategies for working with children displaying vulnerable and challenging needs.
Establishing Trust: understanding the fundamental importance of safe space/s and how to utilise it.
Psych-ed: Understanding difficult behaviours and the connection between sensory input, emotional response and behaviour (with the impact of ACE).
Explore your own triggers and inner landscape.
Play ideas: child-led and adult-directed e.g ropes and clay.
Key communication strategies: creative, reflective and empathetic skills.
Increase the tool kit to include more sensory-based games.
Develop understanding of Attachment Theory and how it relates to emotional insecurity.
Play skills include sand, puppet and music.
Day one

Theory: Child development and attachment; How to grow a brain, Psych-ed; Importance of nature in childhood; Sensory Play and Stress; Group Dynamic: Importance of connection to others; 7 basic emotions; Exploring your own triggers & inner landscape.
Activities: Role-play: The brain, baby to adult; group work to develop your skills and confidence. Group games and sensory experiences – forest school approach and the creative use of clay.
Day two

Builds on the outdoor skills of participants – e.g. using ropes, puppets, story making.
Setting up your space – tarps, shelters and safe dens.
Importance of risk and challenge. Focus on the need for individual therapeutic play when working with groups and developing skills.
Theory: The Axline principles; Toxic Stress; Eric Berne: Drama Triangle; Attunement; Principles of child-led play – nature play/therapeutic play; Communication skills – instruction/reflection; Safe boundaries & Health and Safety in the outdoors; Risk Assessment; Directive/non-directive.

Date: 22nd & 23rd April 2020
Lead Facilitator: Kate Macairt and Marina Robb
Location: Mill Woods, near Laughton, East Sussex, BN8 6BP
Cost: £175.00
Time: 09.00 – 15.30


Circle of Life Rediscovery
01273 814226


Age Range