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Mud, mess and magic: outdoor learning on a shoestring with Juliet Robertson (WEBINAR)

Tuesday 8 September @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

This webinar will explore how to naturalise your outdoor space on a shoestring budget for children aged 3-6yrs.

This webinar with Juliet Robertson will investigate how Nicolson’s Theory of Loose Parts and Gibson’s Affordance Theory can be utilised to create simple changes to your outdoor space, through a participatory approach that involves your children throughout the process.

In doing so, the biodiversity of your outdoor space will be improved and it becomes a better place not just for learning and play but for wildlife too. The emphasis is on sustainable low-cost and doable ideas that don’t involve digging up the asphalt.

After the webinar you will get access to additional resources that help you develop your practice and keep track of what you need to do to develop your outdoor provision. This webinar is aimed at educators who work with children aged 3-6yrs.

Key learning:

• Exploring how to improve children’s physical development.

• Understanding how children think and play in creative and imaginative ways.

• Promoting positive physical risk taking within a framework of safety.

• Supporting children to learn more about the natural world and increases children’s knowledge about nature.

•Providing a valuable context for developing life skills including literacy and numeracy.