Rose petal perfume

September 20, 2017

Create fragrant concoctions from natural ingredients – a simple but ever-engaging activity for adults as well as children.

Author: Muddy Faces

Age Range: all ages

Duration: less than an hour

Location: park/green space

Time Of Day: any time

Season: summer

Tags: flower, mud kitchen, perfume, petal, potion, sensory

Category: growing & gardens outdoor play


A simple activity for your mud kitchen. Create concoctions from petals and water – you can call them fairy perfume, gnome potions, petal alchemy or just a lovely dose of sensory, imaginative play.


Most of what you need you can find at home and recycle.
You will need access to a supply of petals, and baskets or bags to collect them in, or make your own collecting pots from plastic tubs.
Clean out some small recycled shampoo bottles. Pump-action bottles (like soap dispensers) can be good fun as they squirt the perfume out.
TheĀ notepad is for sketches, recording what you’ve done and creating perfume recipes.

Gathering the petals

Before setting off have a discussion and agree what the parameters are for collecting, eg only collect petals that are on the floor or those that fall if a flower is given a gentle shake. If you don’t agree rules beforehand you might find that your rose border looks like a plague of locusts has been through it after a group of children has been on a perfume-making mission šŸ˜‰

rose petals

Mixing and making

Once you have collected all the petals you need, its time for mixing and perfume-making.

Have a range of utensils available – clean pots, spoons, ladles, sieves, funnels and water.

Some children prefer to keep their potions separate, but others will end up mixing in all sorts of other things from the mud kitchen.

making petal perfume


When you’ve finished mixing you can use your funnel to decant the perfume into bottles.

Small recycled shampoo bottles or similar are a good size for perfumes. Pump action bottles (like soap dispensers) can be good fun as they squirt the perfume out.

Using glass bottles

Muddy Faces sells these dinky glass bottles which look great, but using glass needs to be supervised. We suggest that, before using glass bottles, you have a discussion about how they should be handled and looked after to help prevent breakages.

We’ve found a good approach is for children to work independently mixing, brewing and decanting their mixtures into plastic bottles. Then, near the end of the session, they can collect a special glass bottle – before it is given out ask them how they think the bottle should be looked after and what would be the consequences of not looking after them well.

petal perfume