More pebble creatures

July 18, 2018

The eyes have it! 3 super-quick & easy ways to create creatures.

3 pebbles with different kinds of eyes
Author: Muddy Faces

Age Range: all ages

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: any

Tags: eyes, natural materials, pebbles/stones, sticky eyes

Category: art & creating outdoor play


It’s amazing how just adding a pair of eyes to an inanimate object can create instant character and personality! Here are some super simple ways to make a creature out of a rock or pebble.

Important note

If using sticky eyes in your outdoor setting use paper ones rather than plastic.
Paper sticky eyes are white so you can see them on the ground if they fall off, thus helping with a ‘leave no trace’ approach to being outdoors.
Plastic googly eyes are best left at home as, if lost and left behind, they can have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Acrylic pen eyes

If you want the eyes to be a permanent and long-lasting feature then use weatherproof acrylic pens; perfect for outdoor use and for use in water.

Permanent pens work well on smooth pebbles, some felt pens and paints can work well but with reduced longevity.

Chalk is great to use as a temporary effect and can often be wiped off cleanly from smoother pebbles.

drawing eyes onto a pebble with black acrylic pen

Sticker eyes

Perfect for a super-quick transformation and a relatively cheap option as you can get a couple of thousand on a roll.

Paper sticker eyes will last for a short while for play and can survive a few dunks in water.

Alternatively you can draw eyes onto normal white sticker paper, cut out and use outdoors for your project.

If the odd eye is lost outdoors there is less of an environmental impact than using plastic googly eyes.

Make sure any backing paper is collected and disposed of correctly.

white pebble with sticker eyes

Googly eyes

Another quick transformation with a range of plastic googly eye sizes. They generally stay stuck on quite well but can be knocked off, and water can loosen the glue.

Backings can sometimes be a bit tricky to remove – and make sure any backing paper is carefully collected and disposed of.

As mentioned in the introduction above – don’t leave pebbles with plastic eyes out in your setting – they can have a detrimental impact on the environment – keep them at home, or don’t use at all.

pebble with googly eyes