Natural frames

July 13, 2017

Frame the view, frame your art, frame your face! Good lashing is the key to a perfect natural frame.

Author: Muddy Faces

Age Range: 6+

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: any

Tags: art, frame, knot, natural materials, stick, string

Category: art & creating bushcraft & survival


Making frames is hugely rewarding and they can be used in many ways, including:

  • framing art on the ground
  • framing a view in the distance framing someone’s face
  • dream catchers or woven art
  • quadrant frames to study vegetation…….. the list is endless!

a square frame made from sticks lashed together hanging in a tree

Step 1

Lay two sticks on the ground.

Lay the other two perpendicular to them, creating the basic frame shape, so you can see how it needs to be tied together.

Step 2

Tie the string to one of the sticks, placing the knot near the end of the stick, the correct distance in from the end.

A clove hitch is a good knot to use for this.

stick with a clove hitch knot tied round it

Step 3

Tie the sticks together, at right angles to each other.

If you want a firm, non-wobbly frame use a knot such as the square lash, and use a strong string that doesn’t snap under pressure.

2 sticks tied together with a clove hitch

Step 4

Repeat with the other 2 sticks.

Now you have 2 corner pieces.

Boy holding a pair of 2 sticks lashed together

Step 4

Lay your two corner pieces out together to double-check they are lining up and lying correctly.

Then tie the final two corners.

Half complete natural frame with 2 corners lashed together