Magic woodland wands

May 1, 2018

Create a magical experience by gathering natural materials for a wand and spell – so simple but works so well!

natural magic wands lined up against a tree

Age Range: all ages

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: any

Tags: natural materials, stick, wand

Category: art & creating


This activity is simple but works so well and can be extended in many ways, especially with storytelling, folklore, seasons and celebrations and types of wood.
It can also be great for developing emotional literacy by thinking about the things we would wish for.

Step 1

Each child chooses a stick from the woodland floor, about the length of their arm.

stick lying on the woodland floor

Step 2

Wind double-sided tape around one end of the stick.

child winding double-sided sticky tape around a stick

Step 3

The child then collects magical things (natural items) and sticks them on their wand.

Each special thing adds to the magic.

leaves, flower buds and moss

Step 4

The child invents a magic word or rhyme that is unique to them.

stick with leaves and feathers stuck to it

Step 5

Spells are created by saying the magic word or rhyme with the wand in contact with the earth.

7 magic wand sticks leaning on a tree

Take it further

Ruth, who donated this activity, says

“Some year 2’s and I made wands and took these photos… A great way to celebrate the season, note the wild garlic! We talked about the properties of the trees the sticks came from and the magic that tree could give us. The children all wanted oak to make them strong!”