Earthworm Watch

February 14, 2018

Looking for worms as part of a citizen science experiment.

2 boys sifting soil and looking for earth worms
Author: Lee Jowett

Age Range: 6+

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: spring

Tags: citizen science, count, survey, worms

Category: curriculum outdoors sustainability & nature


“Join fellow scientists across the country by conducting your own earthworm survey to help map where they are, better understand the vital benefits they bring, and ultimately, help protect them.”


The worm survey takes under an hour and involves digging two small holes to count earthworms and measure soil properties.

The survey should be done in spring or autumn, which is when earthworms are most active.

If you have your own mustard powder and vinegar available, you can download the Earthworm instruction booklet and Soil Chart.

Or you can order a free pack with all the materials you’ll need plus a step-by-step guide here.

More information from the Earthworm Watch website at