Disc creatures

July 10, 2018

Sticky eyes can transform natural materials into magical creatures!

wooden disc on log round with eye stickers, holes to make a mouth and fennel fronds beard
Author: Muddy Faces

Age Range: 6+

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: daylight

Season: any

Tags: drill, eyes, natural materials, palm drill, sticky eyes, wooden disc

Category: art & creating tool use & traditional crafts


This is a brilliant creative activity for children to master the art of using the palm drill. Take a look at our Guide to palm drills and Drilling a wooden disc  for detailed information about palm drills and using them. A technical follow on from the Pebble Creature activity for the older child.

All you need is a palm drill, a log round, a selection of wooden discs, natural materials and some eye stickers to make the magical transformation from disc to creature!

log round palm drill strip of eye stickers and selection of three wooden discs

Step 1

Find a hard surface that can’t be damaged to lean on/drill into.

We’ve included a link to our log boards (above), which could be used for this purpose.

Step 2

Have a practise first on the log round or on a disc.

To use the drill, hold the wooden handle in the dominant hand and position the drill bit in the place you want to make an indentation or hole at right angles to the disc.

Turn in a clockwise direction whilst applying a gentle downward pressure. You may need to apply more pressure to get started.

A palm drill will drill a hole with a circumference of approximately 5 mm.

child using a palm drill about to drill hole in wooden disc

Step 3

Once you have got the hang of making the holes you can begin transforming your disc!

Add the eyes first.

You can use the natural features of the disc like the grain/rings for facial features – the smallest ring on this disc looks like a nose.

wooden disc with two eye stickers

Step 4

Next, think about what natural materials you want to add to your disc to create arms, legs, hair, tail etc. and where you want to put them. Start to drill the holes and add your own creature features.

Experiment with the creature features and attach them by pushing through, if it holds into position, or use tape on the back.

The drilling can be quite addictive so you might create a spider or a very holey creature!

wooden disc face with eye stickers and fennel frond beard

Note on drilling

Take care when drilling close to the edge of the disc as the edge of the disc is delicate and may split as can be seen in this picture.

wooden disc with eye stickers and holes made to make a mouth and holes at edge to show that wood may split if you drill too close