Clay rabbits

July 10, 2018

A craft activity making the most of the lovely furry catkins in abundance in the spring.

clay rabbit with leaf ears
Author: Sarah Goldsmith

Age Range: all ages

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: spring

Tags: animals, catkin, clay, leaves, natural materials, rabbit

Category: art & creating farms & animals sustainability & nature

You will need:

Clay – we used air drying but don’t feel like you have to do this, the bunnies do not have to be long lasting and you could just dig some clay up.
Leaves for ears – it is always best to give kids the experience and practice of picking their own leaves but bring some in on a branch if you have to.
Catkins – I used willow, whatever you can find that gives the fluffy tail experience.
A stick and a pencil sharpener – you don’t need clay tools to make marks in the clay – make your own pointy sticks with a sharpener.
Something for eyes – seeds, berries, stones… whatever is available and the right shape and size.

Step 1

Make a ball of clay approx 10cm in diameter.

Step 2

Roll the ball slightly to make an oval shape.

If you want to give the rabbit a separate head (for older children) then attach a smaller ball of clay to the body with a short stick.

Step 3

Sharpen a stick to make a pointed end (we made some clay lambs out of the lovely shavings we had at the end).

Use the end to carve details onto the clay to make it look more like a rabbit, e.g. a nose, some whiskers, back legs.

Step 4

Choose two matching leaves for ears.

Poke two small holes to push the ears into, push the clay together around the base of the ears to improve the support.

clay rabbit with leaf ears

Step 5

Press the eyes into the head – mine fell out over time so I just coloured in the sockets with a sharpie (don’t be tempted by googly eyes… think of the plastic!).

clay rabbit with coloured-in eyes

Step 6

Add the final important touch – the soft catkin tail – and press it in so the clay holds it.

a clay rabbit with a catkin tail