January 9, 2018

Introduction to the Making a Mud Kitchen book

muddy spoon
Author: Muddy Faces

Age Range: all ages

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: any

Tags: mud, mud kitchen, mud kitchen book

Category: outdoor play


Jan White, a specialist in early childhood outdoor provision from birth to five, has been working in collaboration with Liz Knowles from Muddy Faces. Together they have set up an initiative which aims to deepen the understanding, importance, value and range of experiences from mud play as continuous provision and to support practitioners to achieve this.

This initiative has three strands:

photo of Jan White

Developing information and literature

Jan white is the author of this book and other fantastic resources available on her website A PDF version of this book and links to other publications, organisations and individuals promoting the benefits of mud are available on

Developing a range of resources

Jan White has designed a Mud Kitchen range where each set is a collection of beautiful items that wonderfully support young children’s natural desires to explore and discover, imagine and create, relate and interact. Each collection has been carefully selected starting from what we know young children want to do and with strong regard for how children’s play and learning is best supported during the early years. To find these collections and many more inspirational and open ended resources visit the Muddy Faces online shop.

International Mud Day

Supporting the World Forum Foundation’s Nature Action Collaborative for Children annual International Mud Day. Which aims to bring together children and early childhood professionals all over the world celebrating nature, outdoors, and mess by getting really muddy. To find out what’s happening in the UK go to, for an international perspective go to


This book is dedicated to all the children who have shown us the deep pleasures of mud play, and to all those practitioners who push the boundaries to enable young children access to the outdoors in an elemental and meaningful way.

Thanks to contributors

Many thanks to the children, adults and settings who have so generously shared images of their own mud kitchens at work: Carol Duffy – Early Childhood Ireland , Jan White, Jane Wratten & Slinn St STARters, Liz Magraw, Ruth Sharpe & Hind Leys Preschool, Liz Knowles – Muddy Faces, Menna Godfrey & Quackers Preschool Playgroup, Suzanne Scott, Ann Thompson & Sandfield Natural Play Centre, Vanessa Lloyd & Christchurch County Primary School.


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