Autumn leaf wand

July 13, 2017

A simple-to-make leaf wand for ushering in the autumn faeries.

Author: Muddy Faces

Age Range: all ages

Duration: less than an hour

Location: anywhere

Time Of Day: any time

Season: autumn

Tags: decoration, leaf, leaves, magic, natural materials, painting, spell, stick, string, wand

Category: art & creating outdoor play


Collect thin sticks, about the thickness of your little finger, straight or wonky, and autumn leaves – all sorts of shapes and colours. Source some string or coloured wood.

Step 1

Decorate your leaves – there are lots of ways you can do this –

  • paint them
  • use acrylic or chalk pens
  • stick on some sticky stars
  • cut out star shapes from brightly coloured leaves and stick them on (see leaf decorations).

While they are drying, go on to step 2.

Step 2

Decorate your sticks using stickers, paint or chalk pens, or use wool to wrap patterns around them.

Step 3

Once it’s dry, attach your decorated leaf to the end of the stick.

Wrap the stalk end of the leaf to the end of the stick using wool, string or wire.

You may need to use a blob of glue to help it stay in place, but the tying alone should hold it in place.

Step 4

Use your wand for leafy spells and magic!

close up of leaf and stick tied together